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«We joined the boycott of russian and belarusian products. Glory to Ukraine ✊ ! Support Ukrainians. Boycott russian and belarusian products »

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Processing calls and applications

«We joined the boycott of russian and belarusian products. Glory to Ukraine ✊ ! Support Ukrainians. Boycott russian and belarusian products » Each employee undergoes special training and fully studies all the details of the project before starting work in order to process calls and applications.

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«We joined the boycott of russian and belarusian products. Glory to Ukraine ✊ ! Support Ukrainians. Boycott russian and belarusian products » JV customers have the opportunity to use the warehouse service for the commodity business and entrust the control of sending orders to our team.

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JV Call Center

JV is an outsourcing call center with its head office in Kyiv, which has been providing quality support for incoming calls and sales for our clients for 6 years.

We employ more than 60 trained professionals in the state, thanks to which we have a successful experience of project management on the example of companies such as Liki 24, Hello, Citrus, Offer Leaks and others.

The main feature of our company is an individual approach and the ability to adapt to the client, taking into account the specifics of his project and wishes.

To do this, we draw up an individual work plan and select those professionals who, according to their skills, will be most effective in working on the project.

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Why it is profitable to work with us
We make the individual plan of indicators

Individual approach, based on which the obligatory point of cooperation is the client's consultation, study of the specifics of his business, drawing up an individual plan of indicators, which will determine the effectiveness of the team of specialists.

We select a team of professionals

The team for each project is selected individually, taking into account the strengths of experts and relevant experience in conducting similar projects.

We advise and guarantee 50% of additional sales to your orders

We do not just sell. We create loyalty and trust between the business and its customers through quality advice on the product or service, which allows you to make a sale with every second call.

The cost of services is calculated individually, without unnecessary service and fees.

Each project is individual in its specifics, level of complexity and potential load. Therefore, all indicators and cost are calculated individually and include only those services that will be included in the work. No extra services and fees.

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Incoming services
  • Processing calls and applications
  • Hotline
  • Virtual office
  • Support
Outgoing services
  • Telephone survey
  • Database update
  • Calling customers
  • Telemarketing
their customers trusted us

How does the call center order service work outsourced?

When we are approached by a client, we agree with him on all the costs and timing of the project. After that, we introduce the team and create a chat in the telegram, where we connect the project manager, team, business coach and warehouse manager, if necessary.
In this chat, we send templates to fill in the information needed to run, templates for compiling a script, pricing, recommendations from the customer on sales and agree on the starting KPI.

The next step is to connect a business coach, who structures all the information in the knowledge base, prepares scripts that are moderated in the team and sends everything for approval to the customer. Only after coordination, work on the project starts.

The team works 7 days a week from 9 to 2. The main emphasis is on resale and redemption of orders.

Results and reports are sent to the client once a week or once a month (depending on the agreement).

What sets us apart from the competition?

We are very focused on internal work processes. Each of our managers understands that the better he serves the client, the more professional he will become and increase his profits. That is why we work so hard on motivational programs and training that directly affect the company’s success and customer satisfaction.

Customer profit is the most important result and performance indicator, which we focus on in the first place, in addition to other KPIs of the project.

Why should you turn to us?

You owe nothing to anyone. But if you want to try to work with us, we are ready to provide two days of free work on your project, so you can see the quality of training and professionalism of the team.

All we can do is do our job well and learn constantly. This makes our team one, and every day working at JV is better than yesterday.

In JV call center we collect successful projects, appreciate each client, always welcome new acquaintances and professional challenges! We love helping businesses grow and fall in love with their customers through customer experience.

You can get full information about our services on the website, or get help by phone. The specialists of our company will be happy to answer all questions and hold a detailed consultation on the project.

Пилипенко Виталий “Цитрус”

Работаем с JV 4 года, долго принимали решение брать ли аутсорс в процесс нашей компании, чтобы не только на сезон, а на постоянку. После показателей работы квартала JV, даже не пришлось согласовывать с руководством (в тот момент я был руководителем контакт центра), показатели пропущенных звонков сократились в разы, а прибыль выросла на глазах, для нас это был самый главный довод. Процветания да прибыльных сделок.

Антон Авринский “Liki24”

JV (junior victory) – это молодая и энергичная команда профессионалов и знатоков своего дела. Основатель компании - перспективный и амбициозный Ярослав Сысак, создав компанию он совместил хобби, любимую работу и помощь клиентам в двух словах «junior victory». С компанией JV мы работаем более 3 лет и скажу абсолютно честно, - ни разу не пожалели о сделанном выборе. Ребята очень контактные, всегда качественно выполняют взятые на себя обязательства, всегда идут на встречу, с «душой» выполняют поставленные задачи. Сейчас много пишут про «индивидуальный подход при работе с клиентами» и часто за этими словами ничего не стоит. JV – это про индивидуальный подход к клиенту, про готовность оперативно вносить изменения в работу; это постоянная связь и поддержка клиента. Так что мой отзыв положительный!!! Рекомендую команду JV, буду надеяться ваш сервис и дальше будет таким же надежным и качественным.

Тортик Вячеслав “Интернет магазин товарного бизнеса”

В первую очередь меня приятно удивили цены за услуги команды JV. После опыта в собственном создании команды для прозвона заказов, стоимость услуг ребят ничем не отличается по итогу, и голова не болит, что кто то не вышел, заболел или не получается найти новых сотрудников. С самого старта, получил хороший процент допродаж (от 60%), хоть согласовали первых 2 дня бесплатно, да и думал, что адаптироваться под мой товар (кухонные наборы) будут дольше. После того как попробуешь, понимаешь что работает команда специалистов. Удачи вам, делаете как и сейчас и клиенты будут.

Евгеній Купріенко “K & P Shopping”

Працюємо з JV вже близько 9 місяців і на 100% задоволені результатом. Ці хлопці знають, що потрібно робити і допоможуть вам підвищити ваші продажі і прибуток від них в кілька разів. Іноді бувають нюанси в роботі, але завдяки чату з усіма операторами, всі проблеми вирішуються в найкоротші терміни. Окрема подяка менеджеру Анні за швидке реагування навіть в неробочий час (практично 24/7). В цілому хлопці знайдуть підхід і до досвідчених клієнтам з великим об'ємом і початківцям товарщікам. Якщо ви ще сумніваєтеся, радимо визначаться по-швидше і починати співпрацювати з JV вже ЗАРАЗ!

The cost of call center services?

The cost of services for each project is calculated individually and depends on many factors: the specifics of the project, scale, level of load and more. The cost of services is calculated on the basis of a free consultation, which we conduct before each conclusion of the agreement.

What will I gain from working with you?

First of all, you get time. To develop your business and improve internal processes by placing operational work and customers in the safe hands of experienced professionals.

Can I order call center services outside your city?

Of course. We have experience in conducting projects with offices in other cities and even countries.

What referrals can I transfer to the call center?

We can take on any job that is related to serving your customers: sales, consulting, chats, social networks, database calls, surveys and more.

Can I listen to conversations?

All records of managers' conversations and statistics on the project are in the client's personal account in the CRM system. You can open and listen to conversations at any time.
Also, you can always contact your project manager and request all the additional necessary information.

Thank you for your application!
Our manager will contact you soon!