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Outsourcing of the sales department

We know that the main advantage of the “commodity” direction is that it is relatively easy to scale. There is even a formula for this: you buy more goods – you sell more goods – you get more profit. But it works only if we have a quality customer experience, which we are ready to take on completely.

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Outsourcing of the sales department

This is an effective tool to increase sales and reduce costs for their organization. You give the process of converting leads from real customers with bringing the agreement to pay for services or goods in the safe hands of experienced professionals.

You do not need to spend time and a lot of money on maintaining your own sales department, on recruiting and training or on funds that need to be invested not only in the peak sales season, but also in moments of downtime. Without proper experience and skills, it is very difficult to keep the quality of service at a high level.

Full-fledged live communication with the client Payment does not depend on the number of applications Call forwarding to any number around the world Round-the-clock customer technical support
their customers trusted us

What sales functions can be outsourced?

You have the opportunity to transfer to us any operational work that is related to customers: sales, consulting, questionnaires, surveys, database calls and more.

How to control sales outsourcing?

We provide several sales control tools:

CRM system with a personal account of the client where it is possible to look at statistics on orders and to listen to calls of managers at any convenient time;
Project manager, with whom you can clarify all questions and request the necessary information;
A separate group in Telegram, where the whole team that is involved in your project and is constantly in touch gathers.
Outsourcing of sales with payment for the result

Time is the most important resource for business. We understand this, so we suggest you better spend it on improving internal and external business processes, without being distracted by operational work with customers. Especially when you pay money for the result, not for the number of “worked” hours.


To sum up, we want to emphasize two important points: each business needs to properly prioritize the time it spends on work processes and seek the help of working with clients to professionals who can constantly convert leads into loyal customers.

Why it is profitable to work with us
Information Security (Confidentiality) We care about our employees We care about our employees We care about our employees
Information Security (Confidentiality)
We care about our employees
We care about our employees
We care about our employees
Prices for JV call center services

Up to 50 ice per day


50 – 100 ice per day


More than 100 ice per day

How to calculate payment?

Payment for each project is calculated individually depending on the specifics, volumes and downloads.
We can calculate the cost of your project at a free consultation and provide 2 days of free work on the project so that you can see the quality of our work.

How does working with JV start?

Our cooperation begins with acquaintance at free consultation, revealing of specificity of the project, studying of a product and the market.

When we understand that we want to work together, we sign a contract, form a team of professional managers, compile the basic KPIs of the project and provide you with all the necessary tools to control the quality of work on the project.

How is a cooperation agreement concluded?

The cooperation agreement is drawn up by our accounting department and is standard for each client.
If you need to conclude an agreement with individually prescribed points of cooperation, we can discuss its drafting during the consultation.

How can I track the quality of my customer service?

With the help of a CRM system with a personal account of the client, where you can view statistics on orders and listen to calls from managers at any time.

With a project manager who can provide any information on the project at your request.

In a separate group of Telegrams, where the whole team that is involved in your project and constantly in touch gathers.

How is the communication with the project team after the start of work?

Communication with the team takes place in a separate Telegram chat, which is joined by the entire project team: operators, project manager, business coach and warehouse manager (if necessary). The team is always in touch and ready to respond promptly to your requests.

How can I keep my privacy?

We understand that the commodity business is very competitive. Therefore, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with each client, which guarantees the security of the transaction and does not disclose details about the product to competitors.

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