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Fulfillment from JV is a comprehensive solution for online stores, which allows you to transfer logistics to quality outsourcing. Our warehouse is located in the center of Kiev that gives the chance to send goods equally qualitatively and quickly across all territory of Ukraine

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Fulfilment service

A set of solutions for the commodity business, which works great when you have questions:

– Where to find a warehouse?
– Where to find qualified warehouse workers and how to control them?
– Where to find quality packaging for the product and how to pack properly?
– How to reduce transportation costs?
– How to find time and deal with important business processes?

JV Call Center has set up all the internal processes of the warehouse: from receipt of goods, control, packaging to the logistics.

Full-fledged live communication with the client Payment does not depend on the number of applications Payment does not depend on the number of applications Round-the-clock customer technical support
their customers trusted us

Three simple steps to start a mutually beneficial cooperation with JV Call center

1. We agree on the terms of cooperation and enter into an agreement
2. We receive the goods, put it on record, check for defects
3. We open access to CRM, where orders are received and we wait for confirmed orders from KC for sending

Fulfillment services in Kiev

Our warehouse is located in the center of Kiev, which is convenient to get from anywhere in the city.

Departure from the center of Ukraine helps to optimize delivery anywhere in the country.

Budget calculation

The cost of one shipment of oversized goods = 10 UAH.
The price includes: consumables (stretch and scotch tape) and packaging, if necessary.

Additionally, the cost of storing the goods is paid – UAH 200. per m3 / month.

What product is considered to be oversized: home appliances, machines, electric vehicles and more. The cost of sending such goods will be more expensive and is calculated separately.

The detailed price protocol can be found and downloaded below:
https: // doc s.google.com/document/d/1Q5x-Z_ejE87qHQVXUuPkzKHIzX7brVSdYd8xqPJsgEU/edit


Fulfillment is a very useful and effective set of operations from the moment of placing an order by the buyer to the moment of receiving the purchase.

As a business service, fulfilment is most common in the commodity business and is often outsourced to qualified teams that have their own staff and qualified professionals to store, control and ship your goods.

Why it is profitable to work with us
Information security (Confidentiality); We care about our employees; High level of customer satisfaction; Technological structure at a high level;
Information security (Confidentiality);
We care about our employees;
High level of customer satisfaction;
Technological structure at a high level;

☉ The cost of shipment and packaging is UAH 10 per order
☉ Each order is packed in a courier package worth UAH 1.5, or free of charge
customer’s own package.
☉ Delivery of parcels may be accompanied by sending SMS messages of UAH 0.70 / SMS.
☉ The cost of the fence return from the state of emergency is equal to the cost of delivery of the parcel in one direction + the additional cost of evaluating the goods 0.5% of the appraised value

Receipt of goods

☉ Check for lack of 1 UAH / unit.
☉ Storage cost 200 UAH / 1m3

What are the benefits of fulfilment for E-commerce?

- Sales launch speed. We have all the necessary capacity, team, well-established process scheme and the ability to start selling wholesale goods in 1-2 days.
- Your goods can come from anywhere in the world directly to our warehouse and you will save on logistics.
- The process of work of a warehouse and command which allows to conduct the qualitative account of the goods and not to delay departure is adjusted.

What are the main services of fulfilment?

Fulfillment services for the online store include:

- Order processing services
- Storage
- Check for shortage of goods
- Packing
- Delivery of goods and its accounting
- Control over returns and finances

What are our advantages over other fulfillment operators? (Simplicity and convenience, tariffs, individual approach)

JV contact center has been operating in the commodity business for over four years and during this time we have managed to study the psychology of the buyer.
We know that it is important for buyers to see when receiving the goods, so we try to pay special attention to the packaging of the goods. Good packaging of the product allows you to increase the percentage of redemption and create a pleasant first impression of the company.
It is important to us that the client receives a full range of solutions from the contact center to take over all operational work.

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